Size does matter, and bigger is better! \nYou head for the huge city far away, and after a couple of hours, you find yourself at the gates, being admired by every single person to pass by. \n\nEven the guars drop their strick attitude, and start giggeling as you walk by. You hear them whisper "Inu" a lot, yet you don't know what it means. Maybe it's their way of saying "stranger". Or maybe they think you're ugly, who knows?\n\nEither way, all of a sudden, you find yourself at the harbour, people seem even more adimering here. A tall captain walks up to you, and smiles. \n\n-It's great to meet thee, great Inu. Truly an honor! \n\n[[-Ehehehe... actually, I think you're mistaken. I don't know who this Inu you speak of is...|inu?]]\n[[-Ah! Well, thanks! Nice to meed you too!|PLA]]
You walk for a while, and you notice the colors of the forest change to something more... warm. \nYou're suddenly out of the forest, and in front of you, on a cliff, there is a girl with red hair and dark lips. She hasn't noticed you yet. \n\n<html> <img src=""> </html>\n\n\n[[Try to sneak away|sneak]]\n[[Approach and talk to her|Talk]]
The man seems very suprised by this, and simply grabs you and draggs you into his cabin. \n\n-Oh god... oh god! It finally happened! Everybody was talking about it, but it happened! This is trouble! Trouble trouble trouble! Oh god... what do I do! What do I do! Slither told me to tell her if it happened! But your closest is Luna... What do thee think, Inu?\n\n[[-I think it'll be better to see this Slither|ToSlither]]\n[[-I think it'll be better to see this Luna|Luna]]\n
The redhead looks suprised, yet understanding. Her smile does not fade, and the voice is if even possible warmer when she speaks again. \n\n-You... you don't remember? Oh... well... I guess you had it comming. You have been going quite nuts lately. Don't let Slither know this, by the way. She'll take advatage of this like... something that quickly takes advantge of things. Come with me dear, I'll make this ok. \n\n[[Continue|ToDoragon]]
You start walking into the darkest, most overgrown part of the forest, and soon you find yourself lost.\nThen, a cove is before you, and you get a glance at the white moonlight above you.\nAll of a sudden, there is a creaature staring at you from the cove. \n\n\n<html><img src=""> </html>\n\n[[Go talk to the strange creature|TTC]]\n[[Run away|Run]]\n
You wake up in a dark forest with no memory of who you are, how you got there. Your head hurts and you feel dissorientated.\n\nTo your right you can barely see a tiny light far away.\nOn your left you hear the sound of a river.\nIn front of you there is a slim, overgrown path.\nBehind you, the forest seems to thicken.\n\n[[Go right|GR]]\n[[Go left|GL]]\n[[Follow the path|Path]]\n[[Go into the deeper forest|Go Deeper]]\n
You walk up the river for some time, then you see you're at the bottom of a cliff. On top of it, you spot a gray lady. \n\n<html><img src=""></html>\n\nSince she's too far away, you decide to go back to where you begaun. \n\nYou are now at the same spot as you woke up. \n[[To your right, a light.|GL]]\n[[To your left, the river.|GL]]\n[[In fornt of you, a small overgrown path.|Path]]\n[[Behind you, the forest seems to thicken.|Go Deeper]]\n
The redhead leads you down a small path in the forest, and it seems to get even darker thatn you could imagine. \nYou arrive at a small cabin that smells like pie. A worried mans face shows up in the window. \n\n-Oh, Inu! \nHe sais, but the redhead shuts him of. \n-Shut it, just tell me where Doragon is! \nThe worried man looks suprised, but then he shakes it off and answeres. \n-He's at his cave ofcourse! \n-Delightful!\n\nShe then hurries on, with you following like a dog. \n\n[[continue|Slither]]
You follow the river down for quite a bit, then you realize there's nothing down there. \n\n[[Walk up the river|WU]]\n
You don't remember anything, yet slight flashes comes to mind. A gray lady screaming at you, a dragonlike man with a voice like thunder, a redhead falling off a cliff... \n\nYou sit up, and discover you're lying soaking wet on a beach below a dark cliff. \n\nAgain, images flashed before your mind. You see a strange, slim man and the gray lady fight, then you see a worried man with a pie in his hands. You also see a bunch of people with beer in their hands, and the dragonlike man roaring at the sky. \n\nYou look around again, and see a redheaded girl lying next to you. Her face is pale, and her eyes are dark. You feel a growing pain in your chest as you start feeling things about her... like... she's something more. \n\nAnother memory. You're standing on top of a small hill in the forest, and below you, houndreds of strange creatures bow before you. \n\n[[Continue|Memory Lane]]
You give up the strange creature, and keep walking deeper into the forest. The light seems to change after a while, and you guess that it's not longer night above the thick green crowns above you.\n\nYou then get this odd feeling, like there is someone following you. You turn around, to see something behind you. It's a greenish, stone face!\n\n<html> <img src=""> </html>\n\n[[Close your eyes and hope it goes away|CloseEyes]]\n[[Run!|RUN]]\n[[Take a closer look|CL]]\n
The worried man first seem to belive you, but then he seems to discover something in your eyes. \n\n-Oh god... don't you lie to me! DONT YOU LIE TO ME!!!! You shall PAY FOR LYING! My wife always tells me that lying to me is NOT OK!!!!\n\nBefore you know it, you have glowing hot pie in your face, and a knife to your throat. As the sharp, cold metal slashes you, darkness, colored red with pain, grabs you and takes you with it. \n\nGAME OVER
You pick up a nearby stick, and start poking the strange creature. At least he's not a ghost, cause he is pokable. However, he doesn'r seem to be too found of it. His head turn slowly towars you, and the dead black eyes of his lock in yours. \n\n-Goodbye Inu. \n\nLeaving you with deadly chills, he then turns around and returns tot he darkness of the forest. \n\n[[continue|cont1]]\n
You figure strange, dark creatures in coves in the middle of the forest is far from a good sight, so you run off like a scared little bastard. Unknowing of where you are or where you're running off to, you all of a sudden stumble upon a small cabin in the woods. There is a warm light in a lantern hanging on the wall, and the fresh smell of pie makes your mouth water.\n\n[[Knock on the door|Knock]]\n[[Keep walking|KA]]
Silence hit's like weaves towars the cliffs by the ochean. Everybody just... stares at you. Everything turns black. \n\nYou wake up in the same spot you woke up the last time, still with no memory of why, how or who. \n\nyour head hurst like a million suns of bitches. \n\n[[Go right|GR]]\n[[Go left|GL]]\n[[Go into the deeper forest|GD]]\n
You walk up and down for a bit, then figure out there is nowhere to cross. What will you do now?\n\n[[Walk up it|WU]]\n[[Walk down it|WD2]]\n
You then keep moving, deeper into the unknown darkness of the strange forest. Then... all of a sudden...\n\nYou then get this odd feeling, like there is someone following you. You turn around, to see something behind you. It's a greenish, stone face!\n\n<html><img src=""> </html>\n\n[[Close your eyes and hope it goes away|CloseEyes]]\n[[Run!|RUN]]\n[[Take a closer look|CL]]\n
You arrive at a cave with glowing runes around it. When you enter, you hear the humming of a dark voice. You soon see a creature by a fire. \n\n-Doragon! It finally happend! Inu lost memory!\n\nThe creature, aparently Doragon, turns around and looks at you. He is a slim creature, with dragonlike features combined with the humanlike body. He's eyes are deep, and nearly glowing with ancient knowledge. \n\n[[Continue|Memory]]
You slowly approach the creature, which is very manlike, yet doesn't give the feel of a human. You try saying hello, but with no response what so ever. He, it, whatever to call it, simply looks at you.\n\n[[Walk away|WalkA]]\n[[Try poking it or something|poke]]\n
You follow the path for some time, and all of a sudden you find yourself out of the dark forest. You are on a wide open field of green grass and butterflies. It's just before dawn, and you see a small village to the east, and a huge city far to the west.\n\n[[Go to the small village|Village]]\n[[Go to the big city|City]]
You walk down the river for a while, then you realize there is nothing down there. \n\n[[Try to cross the river|cross2]]\n[[Walk up it|WU]]\n
You knock on the door, and a man with a worried look on his face opens. \n\n<html><img src=""> </html>\n\n\nAt first, he looks rather scared by you, then his face melts into a smile. \n\n-Inu! Delightful to see you dear! Come in, come in! Have some pie! I was just waiting for Heyla, but I don't think she'll mind if we start ahead. \n\nYou're confused by him calling you by a name you don't know, but you follow the lead and before you know it, you're sitting with in a comfy couch with warm pie on a plate in your hands. \n\n[[-So... how are you... sir?|HAYS]]\n[[-I am terribly sorry, but... I don't think I am this Inu you speak of...|NoInu]]\n\n
You now arrive at another cliff, yet this one is far from as beatuiful and calm as the one redhead was on. You see another female standing there, yet this one seems dark and cold. \n\n<html><img src=""></html>\n\n-Ignore her. That's Slither, and she's been going at your insanity forever. Don't let her know you've gone lost in the mind of memory. \n\nYou hurry on, past Slither on the cliff, and luckily, she does not spot you. \n\n[[Continue|Doragon]]
You walk for what seems like hours, and then finally you see the source of the light. You see a small cabin, and the smell of fresh pie reaches into your nose.\n\n[[Go back|GB]]\n[[Knock on the door|Knock]]\n[[Keep going|KG]]\n
You approach the strange creature, staute, thingy, and find that it's nothing but a huge, green rock with a carved in face. That is, uintill you decide it's a bloody good idea to start touching it.\n\nTYhe eyes start pulsating with a bright light, and before you know it, the world turns black.\n\n[[Continue|Start]]
You look for some time, but finally figure there aren't anywhere to cross. \n\n[[Walk up the river|WU]]
Raise your glass, shout out loud! They think you're Inu, they love you to hell and you're loving it! The night blurs away... \n\nYou wake up the next (at least you hope it's the next) morning, day or evening. It's hard to say when it's dark anyways. Your head hurts like a thousand sons of bitches. You're back in the forest, and you still can't remember who you are or how tou got there. You're in the same place you woke up last time.\n\nYou start to wonder if the village was all just a dream? \n\n[[Go right|GR]]\n[[Go left|GL]]\n[[Go into the deeper forest|GD]]\n
You slowly start moving backwars, but unfortunatly, you step on a twig that breaks. The redhead notices you, and her dark lips form a smile.\n\n-Inu! Wonderful to see you dear! Ehat brings thee to my humble cliff?\n\n[[-Uhm... yes! Hello! Uh... Yeah, hi? How.. uh... how are you? I was just... nearby, and thought I'd say hello!|pla]]\n[[-Uhm hey, I'm not sure I know who you are... actually, I don't even know who I am, even less who this "Inu" is.|Inu?]]\n
You get up on your feet, pick up the redhead, and start walking towars the forest to your right. Once in between the dark cozyness of mystery, you feel safe. \n\nAfter walking for a wile, you see the dragonlike creature from your memory flashes stand before you. His eyes carry knowledge your know you should have youself. His face turns sad when he sees the redhead. \n\n-You were very close to her. Her name is Luna, but we started calling her Redhead after her hair turned red. The gray lady was Slither, an untrustworthy and straight out mean person. I am Doragon, the mage of the forest. The slim, shady man nobody really knows, but he's clearly on your side. The pai-man is a lonely man, not realising his wife is gone. \n You are Inu. You are the leader of all of us. You are out... well, you're the one we all look up to. Our hero. Our closest to royal. And we need you, now than ever. \n\nYour memory might not be back, but you now know where you belong, who you are, and... well... that's all you need for now. \n\nGAME FINISHED
You start walking into the darkest, most overgrown part of the forest, and soon you find yourself lost.\nThen, a cove is before you, and you get a glance at the white moonlight above you.\nAll of a sudden, there is a creaature staring at you from the cove. \n\n<html><img scr=""> </html>\n\n\n[[Go talk to the strange creature|TTC]]\n[[Run away|Run]]\n
You decide to go back to where you begaun.\n\n[[Go right|GR]]\n[[Go left|GL]]\n[[Follow the path|Path]]\n[[Go into the deeper forest|Go Deeper]]\n
The redheads face instantly turns into a "oh I just busted you"-smile. \n\n-You finally went nuts, didn't you? You crazy bastard! You god damn lost your memory! Oh wow... this is... trouble! Come! Come with me you little liar! Let's fix this before Slither knows anything!\n\n[[Continue|ToDoragon]]
You decide to keep going. \nAfter a while, you feel the presence of something, and as you turn around, you see a strange, stoned creature. \n\n<html><img src=""></html>\n\nYou're scared, and decide it's best to run away. Somehow, you end up where you begaun. \n\n[[Go right|GR]]\n[[Go left|GL]]\n[[Follow the path|Path]]\n[[Go into the deeper forest|Go Deeper]]\n
You follow the sound of the river to your left, and is all of a sudden staring at the dark waters floating by.\n\n[[Try to cross it|cross]]\n[[Walk up it|WU]]\n[[Walk down it|WD]]
You slowly approach the redhead on the cliff, and as se notices you, a warm smile forms on her dark lips. \n\n-Inu dear, how lovely too see you. How are thee?\n\n[[-Oh hey you! Uhm... I am fine, and how about you?|pla]]\n[[-Uhm... hey, I need to say something... People have been calling me Inu all day, and I honestly don't know who that is. I don't know who I am either, and I don't know who you are... help me!|Inu?]]
On secound thought, that pie didn't smell THAT good. You keep going, and soon enough you're once again more lost than ever before. You rumble around for hours and hours, you notice the color of the forest change with the daulight outside, and this goes on uintill you fall to the ground, devoured by hunger. \n\nYou never find the way out, you never learn who this "Inu" is, and you die in a selfmade, humansized rabbithole. \n\nGAME OVER
You run, you run like you've never ran before!\nThe forest is just a mush of colors as you panic through the forest, and before you know it, there is no more ground. Head first, screaming your lungs out, you fly like a retarded goose over the edre of a cliff. You close your eyes as the pointy ass rocks get closer, and you know that if the fall doesn't kill you, the devestating force of the sea will.\n\nGAME OVER
You close your eyes, hoping with all your heart and praying to gods you don't believe in, that the creature will go away. And when you open your eyes.... it is gone!\n\nYou feel so relieved you drop to the ground in tears.\nAfter a while you keep going, and you suddenly find yourself on a small path. It turns and twists for a while, then it comes to a parting.\n\n[[Go left|left]]\n[[Go right|right]]\n
-Oh... ok! Luna won't be happy, but Slither will be pleased. Come! Come with me now!\n\nThe worried man leads you from his cabin, through the forest, and after what seems like forever with walking, you arrive at a cliff bathed in gray and cold. \n\nOn the cliff, you see a person, who's got to be this Slither.\n\n<html><img src=""></html>\n\n-Slither! Slither it has happened! \n\nThe person, a female, runs up to you. She looks you in the eye for a long time, and then she gives you the coldest, cruelest smile you've ever seen. \n Before you can do as much as catch your breath, she's grabbed your arm and thrown you over the edge of the cliff. Behind you, you can hear the worried man yell, and the gray lady laught. \n\nThen everything turns to dark, as you face death head first. \n\nGAME OVER
-Oh god. Goooooood good. She'd not be happy with me if I sendt you to Slither... Alright! I'll take you to her! \n\nThe worried man grabs you poletely by the arm and draggs you through the forest in a hurry. After a while, you arrive at a cliff bathed in warm colors. On it, there is a redheaded girl. \n\n<html><img src=""></html>\n\n-Luna! Luna it happened! Inu lost his memory! \n\nThe redhead seems far from suprised. She just... looks at you with... a strange smile on her dark lips. \n\n-Alright, alright. You did good bringing Inu to me. I'll take it from here. Come, dearest Inu. We'll fix this!\n\n[[Continue|ToDoragon]]
You smile, you greet, and you play along. This, you keep up as long as people continue to walk up to you with fake smiles and admiering in their eyes. Time passes by, and you're really starting to like all the respect and worshippers. \n\nThe city mayor insists you stay at his mansion this evening, and so you do. As the dark falls, you get ready to go to sleep when you notice there is someone else in your room. A cloaked human being stand is the corner of your bedrom, and he's holding a long, slim blade towards you. \n\n-You're a fool for comming here Inu... You're a fool for messing around with the simple mortals. Fate is not going to enjoy that. Actually... fate already knows. And you know what? Fate sendt me to fix things. This is goodbye, Inu. Your time in your beloved forest is over! \n\nThe sharp pain of an assassins blade cutting through you makes you fall to the ground, and within moments, your story has ended. \n\nGAME OVER
You decide, smaller is better and probably nicer, so you stroll off towars the tiny village. \n\nAs you arrive, you are met by admiering eyes and lots of "oooh"'s and "aaaah"'s. Not sure why, you don't seem to care too much of it. You head for a tavern, sit down with a beer, and is suprised by a toast from a young lad. \n\n-I'd like to share a toast! TO THE GREAT INU! It is truly an honor to have thee in our presence. \n\n[[Join in on the drinking and pretend you know who the fuck this Inu is|drink!]]\n[[-Uhm... May I ask, who this Inu is?|inu?]]
Made by IkiraScy\n\nIllustrations by <html><a href="">ProfesseurSp00k</a></html>\nIllustrations by <html><a href="">MDTlore<a/></html>
You follow the path to the left, and nothing special happens uintil you stand at the edge of a cliff. It's a long fall, and you praise gods you don't believe in, that you weren't in a hurry. You turn back, and end up at the crossroad again.\n\n[[Go right|right]]